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SAZKA Entertainment AG is the largest pan-European lottery operator with the leading market positions in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy. In all of the countries in which SAZKA Entertainment AG operates, it benefits from iconic and long-established brands, strong networks and a long history of operations.

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National champion status across markets with iconic and trusted brands

Our primary focus is on lotteries with a secondary focus on digital gaming and sports betting. Our business is regulated and we operate iconic and trusted brands through unrivalled distribution networks supported by long-term licences with significant renewal advantages. Our total addressable market is over 79 million of the adult population served through 63 thousand points of sale and through our digital platforms.

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SAZKA Group is an important contributor to societies where it operates

Responsible gaming is at the core of our culture. We take steps to promote responsible gaming behaviours and are committed to having a positive impact on local communities.

SAZKA Group is the highest taxpayer in Greece and among the top ten taxpayers in Austria and the Czech Republic. We are a significant and stable contributor to employment directly employing around six thousand people across our businesses. SAZKA Group also extensively contributes to good causes like sports, culture, health, and education.

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Business expansion

Since entering the lottery market, we have rapidly expanded our business, achieving a leading market position in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy. Across these markets, we operate trusted brands and boast unrivalled distribution networks. Through our 63 thousand points of sale and digital platforms, we serve an addressable market of over 79 million adults.